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Where to go and when: The best places to visit in January

Ahh, Christmas is done for another year, you have just about shaken off that fuzzy head after what can only be described as "the best New Years party EVER", the photos have all been posted on insta-face and twitter-book and yes, you have had to answer for some of them already. So, onward and upward! Where are we going this year. There are lots of choices and Moethus Travel can help with them all, but if you are looking for a last minute deal then perhaps it would be worth finding out where is best to go in... January.

So for all those that are looking to get their New Years dose of sun & fun, for all those that are looking to put off the new diet and are still "ok" with not giving up the drink for another week, perhaps you just want a getaway as a "pre-valentines gift" thing... (any excuse really), please see our top 10 Best Places to visit in January.