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10 Unsung destinations to book for 2020

Do you know where to go in 2020? There are, of course, the usual suspects that you would anticipate hearing about, the destinations that are on the list every year because... they are the places that most Brits flock to for the summer sun, but what about the places that are up and coming? What about the places that are just starting to experience the travel development trend? What about the new places to discover!

This blog post is about shinning some light on those unsung places around the world, highlighting the exciting and giving a new perspective to some of the old favorites as well.

As we draw a close on 2019 we thought it worthwhile to shed some light on a few destinations so that as we embark on both a new year and a new decade, we can help to nurture those traveler lusts with something different, something special, something that is developing now - a great opportunity.

We have aimed to encompass a pretty broad destinations list. We have tried to provide something for everyone, whether that be the eco-tourism fanatics, the thrill seekers, the adrenaline junkies and the ultimate "chillaxers". We hope you enjoy!

Siargao, Philippines