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Dream Honeymoon Destinations


Hands down, Thailand is easily one of the best holiday destinations in Asia.   Lets us take you there for your Honeymoon, so that you can experience bustling cities, tranquil beaches, uncharted islands, excellent food, friendly people and amazing culture


Thailand is a great option for getting away for your Honeymoon during the winter / spring months between the November and April.

Thailand 1.JPG
Monks in Thailand

Honeymoon : Cities, Serene landscapes and Sea

Start off in the Capital but stay just long enough to appreciate the hustle and bustle, then depart the city for the serene landscapes of northern Thailand in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.   From here you can experience tented camps, elephant sanctuaries, the long neck women of the Karen tribe and of course the gateway to the golden triangle between Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

Further depart to one of the Thai islands of either Phuket or Koh Samui.

If it's a divers paradise that you're after, the Similan Island are the place to be.   And finally don't miss out on the beaches of Krabi.   These are said to be the best beaches in all of Thailand.   If rest & relaxation is needed after the busy planing of your wedding, make sure you add this destination to your list.

Honeymoon : Bespoke Asia

Why not extend your trip to take in the sights of Siem Reap and the iconic Anchor Wat in Cambodia?   Travel to Danang in Vietnam and transfer to the UNESCO World heritage Site of Hoi An..   Myanmar is now accessible and areas such as Inlay Lake, Bagan and Mandalay will leave you breathless.

Call us to ask about more Honeymoon destinations in Thailand

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