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Dream Honeymoon Destinations


When you imagine that postcard picture of a small, pristine white sand, uninhabited island in the middle of a turquoise blue ocean, it actually exists in the Maldives


For the ultimate in private, secluded and exclusive Honeymoons, the Maldives is at the top of the list.   There are no taxi transfers or rush hour traffic to battle on route to your hotel.   All transfers are either provided by boat or seaplane. 

Upon arrival at your resort, you'll step onto a perfect, private, white-sand beach, which hosts only your hotel.   It's paradise, but a paradise above anything that you've ever imagined.

Coral Reef Island

Honeymoon : Bliss

Wheather you chose to indulge in a private beach villa with outdoor shower or you really want to splash out (literally) and go for the iconic water stilted villa you are in for a treat.   Our write up just doesn't do it justice.

Nature has provided the colour of the sea, the coral reefs, the clear lagoons and the tranquil beaches with their shady palm trees, but we can add to this with access to beach dinners under the stars, snorkeling, diving, spa treatments, sunset cruises and a range of exclusive experiences for the romantic couple.

Honeymoon : Stop-over

If you are hoping to capture both the city and tranquility, then why not consider a stop over in Dubai on your way to paradise?   Other stop over destinations are available.

Call us to ask about more Honeymoon destinations in the Maldives

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