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Luxury Destinations - Indian Ocean

There are so many places to visit in this vast country that you could spend a lifetime exploring it and never see it all.
The north is a beautiful blend of city-scape, nature, history and culture for which a trip to the golden triangle will allow you to experience all.
Explore Old Delhi, Ranthambore National Park allows you to search for Tigers, see the deserts of Jaipur and experience the excellence of the Taj Mahal.. 
The south will allow for India's culture with a bit of downtime.   Laze on a palm tree backed beach, cruise Kerala, see the Chinese fishing nets in Cochin or the French architecture of Pondicherry.
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A holiday here will deliver a host of natural wonders. 

An island in isolation for over 80 million years, it boasts an astonishing range of bio-diversity found almost nowhere else on earth.
Famous national parks offer wildlife from lemurs and giant chameleons to over 300 species of bird. The scenery is no less varied from lush rainforests and rice terraces, to desert like plains dotted with soaring Baobab trees. 

To complete the picture, you’ll discover beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters teeming with marine life. 
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For the ultimate in beach destination holiday experiences, it must be the Maldives.
Private island resorts surrounded by white sand beaches and amazingly calm turquoise lagoons, only accessible by sea plain or by boat.
Staying here, you are treated to beauty both above and below the water.   Coral walls and brightly coloured marine life included!
Consisting of over 1000 islands among 26 island chains "atolls", the Maldives provides a great destination for intimate escapes and family holidays.
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If you are looking to indulge in some of the finest hotel luxury, soak up breathtaking views of blue-green waters bordered by pristine white sand beaches and enjoy a service level that all other service levels aspire to, then a holiday in Mauritius is a must.
A true leisure holiday playground, you can enjoy a round of golf on a championship course, that was actually designed by champions, or perhaps relax and recoup with a spa treatment that will melt your stresses and troubles away in an instant.   Of course there is always the option to treat your taste buds in an array of flavors at any of the excellent restaurants found here.
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115 coral and granitic islands make up the archipelago.   
With Brilliant white sand, granite boulders, lush forest, beautiful marine life and crystal clear water.... It's the Seychelles!
Beaches that are listed as the best in the world, sea turtles, turtle hatching, giant tortoises, an array of bird life, luxury hotels and restaurants, and a vibe that brings it all together in a charming escape.
With each island owning its own character, the Seychelles makes for a perfect island hopping adventure.
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Sri Lanka
With a stunning blend of history, culture and wildlife, coupled with fantastic landscape vistas, palm-edged beaches, deep and lush jungle and hill stations that offer peaceful tranquility.
The people are friendly, the food is mouth-watering and taste bud teasing, and there is a culture that is brought together by arts such as Kandyan dancing and fire walking. The beaches are perfect and the sights are magical.
Sigiriya boasts a rock fortress that is certainly worth exploring, along with the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.   Then there's the wildlife - birds, elephants and even leopards!
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