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Luxury Destinations - Europe

Visiting Croatia is as much about exploring the waters and coastline of this country, as exploring the inland destinations.   Island dotted and surrounded by crystal clear waters makes for a great sailing holiday, and the beaches deliver nicely too!
Dubrovnik is a favorite with it's position overlooking the Adriatic, it's limestone streets and imposing city walls.
Further along the Istrian peninsula, an Italian influence can be found with vineyards and Roman building, whilst National Parks, Lakes and waterfalls can be found in a tropical settings further inland.
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A trip to Estonia provides visitors with just about anything and everything that one would imagine.   Wilderness walks, music to rock your soul, adventure parks and yes, spa retreats.
The Ruunaraipe Dunes offer a glimpse into 10,000 years of history.   Picnic sites, large sand hills and pretty pine forests are to be found here.   Next venture to Letipea Cape where you can meet Europe's largest boulder "Ehalkivi" - quite the sight!
30 mins outside of Tallinn is the Laulasmaa Spa, the perfect place to unwind and relax.
Of course there is also the medieval town of Tallinn to explore.
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Delivering romance, villages that will charm and entice, fine food, cheese and wine, iconic landmarks, stunning art and beautiful coastline.   Find yourself in France.
France offers a wonderful mix of destinations.   From bustling cities to quiet villages, from long roads to tiny cobble stones streets and everything in between.
The laid back lifestyle of the French allows for relaxing and an opportunity to unwind as you get lost in local towns and cultures.
For adventure, head to the Alps and Pyrenees for trekking or cycling in the summer and, of course, skiing in the winter!
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Iceland is a "hot" destination currently and it offers an unforgettable experience.   With it's volcanic landscapes and striking views, delivering colours of blues, whites and greys in contrast.
Enjoy rugged fjords, bubbling hot springs, thundering waterfalls and the possibility of dancing skies with the Aurora Borealis.
The Ring Road will take you around the country and allows you to explore some of the sites that are more off the beaten path.   Come back to Reykjavik and relax in the geothermic milky waters of the Blue Lagoon.
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Easily accessed from the UK, with a range of hotel options, a simple public transport system, plenty of villages and towns to see, and history to discover - Malta is a fantastic holiday haven for families and couples alike.
Mediterranean food, architecture that brings a number of styles together to form it's own unique design and a volcanic rock landscape.
Visits to Gozo, swimming in the bays and did we mention that Malta is the diving capital of the Med?   Crystal clear waters help secure that little bonus.
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A paradise located in the Med, with beautiful islands scattered across the Ionian and Aegean Seas.
Sunsets in Santorini, family holidays opportunities in Crete, cycling on the Peloponnese coastline or Athens with it's iconic archaeological treasures. 
Whitewashed walls with blue tops, the typical postcard photo or perhaps you're visiting to sample the delicious Mediterranean food - olive oil, fresh fish, cheese, meats, bread and vegetables.

Ancient ruins provide an insight of a bygone era and the cities offer a vibrant atmosphere unlike anywhere else in Europe.
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Rustic Renaissance, culinary classics and picture perfect regions make Italy a diverse and captivating country to explore time and time again.

Lose yourself in Italy’s romantic cities, from the canals of Venice, to Renaissance Florence and the ‘Eternal City’ of Rome. Discover some of the most beautiful coastal towns in the world, of Amalfi and Cinque Terra, while indulging in delicious Italian food and enjoying world renowned wine. The tranquil lakes of Como, Garda and Maggiore provide a haven and peaceful retreat. 

Italy also has one of the most extensive rail networks in Europe, allowing you to cross the country in comfort while watching the scenery pass by.
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Captivating cities, ancient vineyards and dramatic mountain ranges. Spain offers a striking variety of scenery and experiences ready to be explored.
Andalucía with it's medieval cities, the show stopping architecture of Granada’s Alhambra or Seville offering native sherry and a passion for  flamenco.
Beaches in Spain offer variation. The southern coast and Balearic Islands offer long stretches of golden sand, whilst the Canaries offer a more volcanic vista. The green north coast offers hidden coves and picture postcard villages.
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We've started to see this destination promote it's self more and more in recent months, and it's about time too!   Turkey is back on the menu and we, for one, are very happy to see this.
Turkey has something for everyone.   Majestic Palaces, fine cuisine, clear waters, fantastic beaches, cities, different cultures.... the list goes on.

Offering exceptional value and world acclaimed service levels, Turkey is within easy reach from the UK and provides a great holiday experience regardless if you're a couple looking for a romantic break, a family looking for a fun holiday or someone looking for where east meets west.
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