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Our Blog - October 2019

October, 17th 2019

What does a $100,000.00 a night hotel room look like?

There are some really expensive hotels around the world, sure.   But what are you going to find in a hotel room that costs $100k (£81k at the time of writting) per night?   Oh, and there is a 2 night minimum policy in place!

So, lets start off with a few things that you need to know to put this entire idea into prospective:

1. The room was designed by Damien Hurst

2. Yes, it is a hotel in Las Vegas

3. You have a choice or either shelling out the full $200,000 for the minimum 2 night stay or you can be invited to stay in the room as long as you are recognised by the casino as being a qualified $1 million dollar player.

As long as you are good with the first three points keep reading.

The Palms Casino Resort is where you'll find the Empathy Suite, which is the latest offering of high-roller digs at this property.

Upon arrival you'll be greeted by two sharks, yes sharks!   Whilst 24/7 butlers are on hand, these two surprising creatures are better at making an initaial impact.   Strange, weird, wonderful, different - yup all of that, but guess what, it gets even stranger!

Designed by British artist Damien Hurst and constructed by Bentle & Bentle this hotel room comes with a punch indeed.

Decor is made up of almost carelessly placed outlines of pills across the windows that stretch floor to ceiling throughout the pad.   In the bedroom you'll find dream like butterflies that seem to gracefully dance across the walls, the carpets and even the headboards.   More butterflies can be found decorating the bottom of the pool that overlooks the strip.   

The bar area is littered with a design that owes it's inspiration to medical waste, so much so that there is an actual medical cabinet in view but instead of pills and potions, it's remedies come in the form of carats, yes diamonds to make you feel better!

The artwork alone in the apartment is estimated to be over $10 million (£8 million).

With BIG $$$ comes BIG perks - 24 / 7 butler service, a private art tour of the property, private car & chauffeur service, special access to The Palm's amenities and, of course, $10,000 worth of in-house spending credit at the casino.

Lastly there are the extras that are added to the room:   The 9000 sq ft, two story property also includes original artwork and furniture designed by Hirst and the two master bedrooms also come with their own massage rooms.   There is also a healing salt room, a fitness room, an outdoor terrace and, as you would probably expect (certainly by now), a home theater that can accommodate up to 52 people.

Don't despair, if dropping $200k on a couple of nights in Las Vegas isn't within your budget, then perhaps one of the other, more competitively priced rooms at The Palms will be more to your liking?   

Contact us for availability and a bespoke Las Vegas holiday package today! 

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